About me

Today, you will find me doing the wife thing, mothering and working. I love being outside, pulling weeds and planting. I love finding all the meaning in movies. I am super analytical but straightforward in my thinking.  I love picking apart Scripture and talking about hard issues like those found on this blog. I love coffee and checking out different restaurants with fresh, delicious and preferably gluten free, organic food with no dairy options. I enjoy playing Uno with the kids and Solitaire, thanks to my Grandma. I root for the Rays and Dolphins no matter how much they suck. When my husband becomes a pilot, I can’t wait to travel the world with him!

I pray that you will be challenged by my thoughts shared here just as I am challenged by what I write. I intend to write a book one day so join me by following my blog so one day you can read my book.